Different Uses Of Federal Tax Id- Things Need To Know

A federal tax id or employer identification number consists of a unique nine digits identification number. That can be used in different ways related to business transitions. Also, there are many benefits of using EIN, but for taking many benefits; one needs to apply for it. There is no lengthy procedure to get this id; just simple steps are required to follow.

One can use this type of EIN through online, via telephone, fax and emails. There is no charge to get federal tax id; if some sites take charge, then it is not authorized site. One can also take the help of third vendors to apply for EIN.

For filling the application, you need to provide some necessary information related to business and yourself. Such essential information’s are like:-

  • Type and nature of business
  • Structure of business
  • Name of person
  • Address, phone number, and income.

Also, it is compulsory for the person to fill the valid taxpayer identification number before applying the federal tax id.


There are many uses of federal tax id, or we can say that it can use in different ways:-

  • Opening business bank accounts

With the help of EINs, one can easily open the business bank accounts without following a long procedure. It allows them to save their efforts and time to apply for bank accounts.

  • File tax returns and other business documents

With the help of EINs, one can easily avoid the tax returns penalties and can also apply for the extension period. For paying tax returns and searching for business documents federal tax id can be used.

  • Applying for business license and permit

For applying for the business permit by the federal government, this id is mandatory. One can easily permit their business with a permanent record of EIN in the internal revenue service.