How Many Players Needs To Spend To Buy Solider Crate In PUBG?

Are you a PUBG player? If yes, then you should start paying attention to the collection of the currency. There are two different kinds of currencies in the PUBG game. Let me start from the battle points those are used for buying and open the solider crates. Basically, these solider crates do not include the legendry outfits.

However, still the accessories which a player gets from the solider crates. You need to spend the battle points according to the price of the crate. Instead of this, if you are facing a complication in the collection of BP then you can use the pubg cheats. It is the most valuable and effective source of currency saving in PUBG game.

Buy soldier’s crate with battle points

No doubt, players of the PUBG can spend the battle points in order to open the solider crate but it doesn’t mean they just need to give only 700 BP in one time. The cost of the crate will automatically get when you open the crates continuously. Here are some examples that will help you understand how you need to spend on the crate by using the BP-

  • The first time – you need to spend 700 BP
  • The second time – the player needs to give 1400 BP
  • Third time – is possible to open with 2,800 BP
  • The fourth time – you can open the create by spending 4,200 BP
  • Fifth time – takes 5,600 BP to get open
  • The sixth time – 7,000 BP is used to open this create

Well, we have covered all the valuable points regarding the game and the use of BP. Therefore, you can easily take advantage of BP and open the crate according to your choice. Players should save the currency as possible as they can.